When Douglas Died

I do not do emotions

it is not because I am strong

It is because I am weak

Weak of the heart

And so out in touch with my feelings.

I do not know how too cry

or feel sad

But I do know how to be happy

And now that i think about it

I think my happiness is just a front

oh! yes!

I almost forgot

I almost forgot one of my most destructive quality


But then again lets move forward, shall we?

This piece is not about me

Is about her

My emotions that refuses to work

But then again I had a different thing in mind when I started to write

I wanted to write about death

About him


I am sorry but I feel I am not;

Sad enough

Angry enough

Morbid enough

I feel guilty that I am not beating my chest right now for your death

I feel guilty because I cant just bring myself to summon a single tear to mourn you

I am sorry that you died

I am deeply hurt

You lived but could have lived more

And I will remember you

Frequently now

But as the years go by your memory will begin to fade

Until one day something reminds me of you

Especially a bottle of wine .

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