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5 Post-Workout Foods And Drinks That Can Help Speed Up Recovery

5 Post-Workout Foods And Drinks That Can Help Speed Up Recovery

Working out is essential for a healthy and fit body. It also promotes the production of endorphins (the feel-good hormones) that make us feel happy and relaxed as well as relieve stress. But on the flip side, doing exercises can lead to sore muscles, which necessitate some measures to aid in the recovery. Some of the things that help in recovery include stretching, getting good rest, and sleeping enough hours. Consuming the right foods and drinks can also help the body to recover and be ready to go for another round of exercises the next day.

Below are some of the best foods and drinks that you can consume after workouts to help quicken the recovery process:


Beets are credited with the ability to aid recovery and prevent inflammation. You can consume them as salads when marinated with balsamic vinegar and eaten together with feta (goat or sheep milk cheese). You can also reap the benefits of beets by making them into fresh juice and this will also help to hydrate your dehydrated body after the workouts besides aiding you in recovery.


According to some studies, watermelon can help to relieve muscle soreness by getting rid of lactic acid, which is a byproduct of working out at high intensity. Since it is rich in the amino acid L-citrulline, it helps to improve blood flow throughout the body, minimizing the chances of muscle pain occurring. You can enjoy the watermelon by eating it fresh or juicing it or even eating it together with cheese, mint, or sea salt to form a healthy and wonderful snack.

While still working on recovery, you could also consider steroids besides food and drinks to help expedite the process. The steroids will aid in muscle development and repair, thus speeding up recovery and at the same time helping to enhance metabolism for more energy production for various body processes. You should buy the steroids from reliable vendors like Vendita Steroidi to be sure of quality products.

Coconut water

All liquids are a great help when it comes to recovery as they restore the liquids lost during exercise. Coconut water is exceptional in aiding recovery because it is rich in potassium, thus helping to replace the lost electrolytes. For maximum benefits, you should stick to consuming unsweetened coconut water so you avoid excess sugar, which is unhealthy.

Herbal tea

According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, men who consumed yerba mate tea–a 200ml helping three times a day–showed signs of faster recovery from eccentric exercises more quickly than their counterparts who only drank water. The quick recovery could be linked to compounds such as phenol antioxidants, which occur naturally in the leaves of the plant that mate comes from. Yerba mate is also known to naturally have some stimulating qualities, so it can also be a perfect pre-workout drink to energize the body.


After serious workouts, eating nuts is a sure way to provide enough protein and magnesium to relax and repair the muscles. Although all nuts are beneficial, walnuts a nut butter standout when it comes to recovery as they are loaded with healthy fats like omega 3s. These fats help to reduce inflammation and boost your performance. Other good sources of omega 3 fats include salmon and other oily fish, chia seeds, olives, and hemp seeds.


Muscle soreness is likely to happen if you do a new workout or exercise a different group of muscles as well as when you exercise intensely. But you should not be worried because, with the right foods and drinks like those discussed above and others, you should easily recover and carry on with your physical activities. You also need adequate rest and sleep and to stretch the muscles to speed up recovery.


Written By Monte Oz




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