YOLO Stars Cyril & King George Join Huge Crowd To Audition For New Movie Roles From Peter Sedufia’s OldFilm Productions

Peter Sedufia is set to hit set soon to begin shooting for his next production.

It was a historic moment at the auditioning process on Saturday, July 6th, 2019 in Accra supervised by MK Casting, a large number of budding actors and established screen favourites turned up to be auditioned for roles in the upcoming production by Ghanaian filmmaker, Peter Sedufia.

Peter Sedufia boost of a rich and quality portfolio of movies that have warm and won the hearts of movie enthusiasts in Africa and other parts of the world. His critically acclaimed Keteke movie was the talk of the town after its cinema debut, nominated and won at Pan-African Film and Television Festival (FESPACO) in Burkina Faso.

He followed it up with Sidechic Gang before partnering with Kofi Asamoah for Away Bus. He has given indications that his next movie will be the best he has ever done, hence, he is investing a lot of time to research, gather enough funds, get the right locations, cast and production team to work with.

Furthermore, hosting an audition for the project was welcomed so well, after information went out earlier of the venue and time. Unlike many well-known stars in Ghana, who hardly attend auditions to be chosen for either lead or extra in movies, Ghanaian veteran actor Don Ziggy was present and went through the formality, auditioned successfully just like it’s seen mostly in other heavy production industries like Hollywood.

Also, present for the audition was Yolo stars Aaron Adatsi (Cyril) and Desmond Danso Sakyi (King George), and Ghanaian television host and actress Chris Kata. OldFilm Productions is yet to announce the selected few from the audition, date for commencement of shoot and release of the movie.

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