Yung Dada shines with his debut body of work ‘’Shea Butter Boy’’

 ‘’Shea Butter Boy’’ is a fanciful self-produced odyssey full of audio jewels, exotic beats and dulcet vocals centered on the rising artist’s fleeting moments with women. ‘’Shea Butter Boy’’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here:

A debut record from the Dutch singer-producer of Ghanaian descent, ‘’Shea Butter Boy’’ seeks omnipresence in the world of Afro rhythms and relevant playlists with 7 sure-fire songs and 3 skits that are a joy to play through. Simply put, if you find extreme delight in the honeyed themes of romance, Yung Dada’s well curated track list will have your attention throughout his EP’s entire run, all while ferrying audiences through soothing episodes of vocal bliss.

Unlike some EP’s out there, ‘’Shea Butter Boy’’ doesn’t feel like a compilation of any sort, thanks to the artist’s immersive use of a fun concept. Now, Yung Dada isn’t doing something completely new here, but his integration of a sci-fi plot device sure is slick. How he subtly warps listeners from the seemingly stressful ambience of a hectic and chaotic city in ‘Abduction’ (Skit) (the EP’s opener) to a diverse world of love-infused Afro melodies is uncanny and almost cinematic, especially realizing he was whirled back to the motherland half way in on ‘Arrival (Skit)’.

Amid this extra-terrestrial swing though, Afrobeat and Amapiano sounds find shelter. Songs like ‘Commando’ gesture haters, before Yung Dada’s mild insecurities branch into a boundless passion in follow-up songs; ‘Manya’, ‘No4Get’ and ‘Activate Am’, the latter two pre-released in 2020 and 2021 respectively. If there’s anything that sets these four apart, it’s their intoxicating cadence and instrumental quirks.

This fiery passion persists into ‘Shea Body’ and ‘Mi Amor’ – one that has Yung Dada briefly manifest his propensity for rap en route, bringing closure to the ‘Arrival’ (Skit) with an interlude that embraces the refreshing vibe of the new environment he got whisked to on ‘Labadi Beach’ (Skit). ‘’Shea Butter Boy’’ has its walls closing in from there; ‘Dejavoodoo’ saturates the ears of audiences one last time, toting one of the EP’s most exotic productions; a beautiful meld of classic Highlife and contemporary Afrobeat bound to leave an infectious reverb in the silence of its end.

Although its gists may feel all too familiar, Yung Dada’s ‘’Shea Butter Boy’’ is still one to recommend as its vocal and production tenor make the difference. It’s an odyssey worth embarking on and a good first impression from the Ghanaian Dutchman.

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