Zynnell Zuh Makes History At 2020 Glitz Africa Fashion Week

Zynnell Zuh has made a runway history over the weekend, showcasing beautiful designs from her Zyellegant fashion brand on the runway for the first time at the Glitz Africa Fashion Week in Accra.
The iconic actress announced her journey into the fashion world with the recent launch of Zyellegant.
Described as fashion house ,the home of luxury bridal styling, couture millinery, organic skin care and beauty products and luxury accessories and apparel, Zyellegant is currently a fast growing brand.
A stunning collection of millinery headpieces and bridal designs from the brand were showcased on the Glitz Africa Fashion Week, held on Saturday November 7 at the Grand Arena at the Conference Centre in Accra.
Created by the popular filmmaker the designs draw on her rich African heritage to create dynamic outfits.
Her designs didn’t only redefine African fashion but also brought a unique style to the runway.
“Our designs are a combination of sensual haute couture with our signature elegance,” she said about the runway designs ahead of the fashion week on Saturday.
Indeed for brides, bridal trains and wedding guests who want to make a truly unique statement on their special day and for all fashion needs,Zyellegant serves exactly what you need to turn heads.
The inspiration behind this collection was simply to shine the spotlight on sustainable haute couture and slow fashion in Africa.

While Haute Couture globally appears to be wasteful seemingly because of its extravagance and unwearable nature, it’s this same feature that sets it apart from the waste of ready-to-wear. Each piece is created for a specific show or person, rather than being mass produced in large quantities in hopes of being purchased.

Regardless of this fact, there is still so much waste in fashion, so much damage to the environment. We throw leftover materials away or we simply burn them.

So, for this collection, instead of sourcing for new fabrics, we decided to fashion our creations out of materials that already exist. We worked with leftovers fabrics and vintage pieces and styled it with our signature Saturn headpieces to produce our Sustainable Haute Couture pieces.

We want to see a sustainable future where African haute couture begins to lead the way for a radical rethink of fashion’s environmental impact. We hope that our collections will in future eventually become a prototype for sustainable practice in fashion.

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